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Do you believe that blockchain can revolutionize the world of finance by bringing truly decentralized payment systems available to you We do.

We don’t rule out any players in the financial markets. But the tracability and low cost efficency, it can actually become a new layer, that business around the globe can rely on, to be fair on ground principles – like a common constitution. We may not agree on everything. We can agree on numbers.

If made possible by the funds we can accumulate through our staking, our goal is to build the tools, for insureances for small and bigger businesses.

After studying blockchain for the past 10 years, we believe with the third generation, we are at a stepping point where the technology can become more, as the layers of application become more and more available to the public for easy integration.

Cardano has been reliable, and build according to principle of science. A method we globally already practice. That mindset is key to our mission.


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About us

Our team of IT professionals has more than 20 years of experience. We have been following blockchain development closely in the past 10 years. Now we have decided this is a good time to get involved.

We believe that third generation blockchains can make a difference for many people and businesses. We choose the Cardano Project as our basis, because of the solidity in work and process.

Our first stakingpool was launched in februari 2022, and look forward to get involved and grow with the community.


We are passionate about blockchain and the potential of tomorrow’s global payment technology. That is why we love to contribute with high quality stakingpools.

We believe that blockchain can ‘cut out the middle man‘ and provide a secure payment system. Faster payment and lower fees for (international) transactions. Especially in areas that are underdeveloped, simply ‘not profitable’ for banks, and people have no or little access to money services.

Cryptocurrencies will give them a chance  to bridge that gap with western modern standards.

Nice to meet you

We are starting up and love to meet you. Get in touch if you want to invest, coorperate or contribute in any way.